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Guidelines for choosing a Boarding Cattery

It is always a worry having to leave your cat, especially in new surroundings. Boarding your cat doesn’t need to be a worry if you follow a few guidelines when choosing a boarding cattery for your four-legged friend.

Firstly, ask your friends and family for any recommendations for a cattery, if they have had a good experience then hopefully so will you and your cat. Or make some enquiries and visit two or three catteries before you make a decision.

  • When visiting a cattery, find out their opening hours and visit unannounced and ask to be shown around – this shouldn’t be a problem and they should be happy for you to visit and show you their facilities. Notice the quality and cleanliness of the individual units: are they clean and dry? Are the water bowls full and clean? Do the other cats in the cattery look content?
  • Do the cats have individual sleeping accommodation and runs? Are they individually heated? This will be especially important if your cat is going to be in the cattery in the wintertime.
  • How often do the cats get human contact or time to play with the staff? This is important if they are going to enable your cat to settle in. Ask questions!
  • What food is provided and often are they fed? The cattery should be prepared to feed the food you supply. Your cat will feel more at home and will be less likely to get an upset stomach if their diet remains unchanged.
  • Are beds and bedding provided? You may want to ask if your cat can have its own bedding and toys to help them feel more at home.
  • If the establishment also runs a boarding kennels, are the dogs far enough away so they do not worry the cats?

The cattery staff should also ask you questions so they can get to know your cat, for example:

  • If your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date and ask to see it’s vaccination record.
  • Information about your cat; name, age, diet, special requirements, likes and dislikes.
  • Details of your vet and contact details of any friends or family they can get in touch with in an emergency.

Secondly, When you have chosen a boarding cattery, why not board your cat for a short-stay period (maybe over a weekend) to see how they get on before committing to a longer stay.

Finally, when you have made your decision, make sure you book well in advance, a popular cattery can fill up quickly!