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Next to our home in a garden of its own, fish in the pond and views beyond

Our Cattery
The boarding cattery in Wiltshire, is situated by our home in it’s own tranquil garden, overlooking the fish pond and waterfalls, away from the kennels.

Our purpose built insulated single, double and large family chalets have their own attached, covered run that opens in to a safety corridor for extra security.

Each cat chalet has a fully enclosed cosy bedroom which is individually heated and thermostatically controlled. Family chalets have two separate bedrooms with single or double beds with fleece bedding. Water bowls, litter trays, toys and scratch posts are provided. Should feline guests wish to bring their own bedding or toys, they are most welcome to do so.

Diet and Care
Steeple Ashton Cattery will carry out your normal feeding regime where required, otherwise cats are fed twice a day. We stock a variety of name brand cat foods as well as administering special diets and medication as required. We can also administer veterinary prescribed diets, please supply plenty for your pets stay.

All staff are personally trained to the high standards of the Feline Advisory Bureau after the completion of the Boarding Cattery Management Course by an Feline Advisory Bureau trainer in 2002.

Cuddle duties and play time, cat permitting, are carried out many times daily with each cat, so they can get to know us and feel calm and secure in their surroundings.

Vaccinations Requirements
Feline infectious enteritis and cat flu are compulsory, leukemia is not compulsory. New vaccinations, where possible, must be completed 14 days before boarding commences.