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Larger and smaller kennels for every breed – attention and playtime guaranteed

Boarding Kennels & Exercise
Steeple Ashton dog boarding kennels in Wiltshire, are set in a large enclosed area for complete safety, adjoining grass paddocks for daily free running exercise and play time whilst receiving one to one attention and TLC from us. For the senior citizens we can take a more leisurely stroll around the grounds.

Nervous and first time guests are kept close to us providing reassurance, and encouragement, so all our guests enjoy a happy holiday with us. We do not mix dogs from different households during exercise unless requested by both owners.

We provide a safe and clean environment for all our guests.  Each building has its own thermostatically controlled heating to keep our guests warm and comfortable. Each boarding kennel has its own sleeping area with attached, covered exercise run.

We can cater from single dogs to extra large dogs and families to share. Background music is played in each building to provide soothing sounds particularly through the night.

Home from Home
Bedding, toys and treats are provided but we do encourage owners to bring something  familiar, (not new) from home, even their favourite teddy, Frisbee or ball! Bedding must be machine washable.

Attention is given to the dogs constantly in whatever activity we are involved in, so that they feel a sense of belonging.

Meals are carried out to accommodate each dogs regular diet, we stock a variety of complete foods, tinned and mixers however we are happy to administer supplied and veterinary prescription food at no extra charge.

Vaccinations requirements
Distemper, Hepatitis, Protoparvovirus (Parvo), Leptospirosis (Lepto) and canine cough (Kennel Cough/KC).

New vaccinations must be completed 14 days before boarding commences where possible.

No dog will be accepted into the kennels without up to date veterinary vaccinations, this is conditional with our boarding license and can put our other guests at serious risk.

Book your dog in for a Bath so they come home fresh and clean! Prices start from £13.00